Silverthread Prospects,  Nevada, USA

‚Äč(added August 14, 2017)

2015 GOLD COLLECTING  March - September at the Ralph J. Roberts Lode, Nevada, USA

(added March 28, 2017)

As mentioned on our "About Us" page, I have been collecting for my entire life. Admittedly, most of my specimens were acquired through purchasing private collections, with a smaller number of choice specimens purchased individually or in small lots at the Mineral Shows. No matter how good these pieces are, however, I have a special place in my heart for the specimens I've found myself.

I have collecting stories with photographs going back to at least 1992, including trips to numerous fossil localities in California, Nevada, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina, and many more trips to various mineral localities in California, Virginia, Ontario (Canada), and especially Nevada.

I'll post stories as I get the chance, with focus on our current operations, including the just-posted story from our Silverthread Prospects. I plan on working a few localities in October and November, so check back soon!